Seller's Guide

Selling a home in today’s market is all about strategy. Austin will provide you with a tactical plan of action to maximize the value of your home, ensure a seamless selling process, and deliver a successful outcome


01 Discovery

Planning Our Approach

  • Identify the most captivating aspects of your home.

  • Outline our plan to attract and engage buyers.


02 Narrative

Packaging the Story 

  • Create a compelling narrative for buyers.

  • Establish our creative direction and visual language.

  • Harness the power of strategic pricing.


03 Details

Setting the Stage

  • Complete preliminary investigation and inspection.

  • Update your home via staging, repair or renovation.

  • Partner with agents and key players to create urgency.


04 Closing

Finishing Strong

  • Field offers with a strategic approach.

  • Qualify buyers for a successful transaction.

  • Continue to sell until closing.


Final Step:

  • Celebrate your success!


High-Touch Support

Every aspect of Avenue 8 was built to support the agent-client relationship. That gives Austin more time with his clients to collaborate, strategize, and negotiate, which means everything in today’s fast-paced market


Innovative Marketing

We approach marketing with the sophistication and technology of a high-growth consumer brand. Listings are packaged as premium products, and brought directly to our target audiences through advanced performance marketing.


Industry-Leading Talent

We’re a new brokerage, backed by deep industry experience and a prominent group of investors. Avenue 8 is guided by experts in the real estate world, along with the CEO’s of companies that have transformed entire consumer categories.

Valet Program

Austin offers the ultimate in stepped-up service, including access to Avenue 8’s Valet Program, which can handle anything from quick repairs to full home staging and renovation at no upfront cost so you can make the best first impression and maximize your home’s value.


Leverage Global Partners

Avenue 8 is a member of Leverage Global Partners, a premium global real estate marketing platform and referral network.


Leverage Gives Avenue 8 Agents Global Reach:

Listings on Leverage are viewed by an international audience of affluent buyers who generate more than half a billion views every month. 

Properties are showcased through Leverage’s media partners, including the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and the Washington Post.


Combined Monthly Page Views


Combined Monthly Page Visits

Work With Austin

Austin's attention to detail and mastery of finance and complex contracts enable him to focus on what matters most to his clients.

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