What Marin County Homebuyers are Looking for in 2023

What Marin County Homebuyers are Looking for in 2023

  • Austin Klar
  • 11/21/22
As we all know, what constitutes a “home” in today’s world is a lot different than what it was three years ago before the COVID-19 pandemic.  As a result of the global shift away from a mandatory in-office environment and large migration outside of major cities, homes have become not just places to sleep and relax with friends and family, but also places of business, and increasingly, especially with Marin County homes, the place in which owners might spend the rest of their lives. As the market and the way we live continues to shift, I more often find myself being asked by clients what buyers are looking for in their Marin County home, and how I can make it more appealing when I look to list my home in the coming year.

Aging In Place

More often than not, buyers, especially at the higher price points for Marin County real estate, tend to be older, more established people who are looking for homes in which they can age in place.  Aging in place means homeowners can live in their residence of choice without worry that they may grow too old for the home and have to move in their later years.  For example, homes with the primary bedroom on a lower floor, on the same level as the main living space and kitchen, are particularly attractive to potential homeowners concerned about aging in place. Not having to go up and down stairs to access your car, access food, do laundry, or perform other day-to-day activities maximizes the ability those people have to live in their homes for the rest of their lives.  And by not moving from place to place, they maximize the chance they can keep their tax basis, accrue significant equity in their home over the long run, and pay down any debt they may have in their home, setting their families up for generational wealth.

Eco-Conscious Design

Especially on the west coast, people are (rightfully) becoming increasingly concerned about the future of our planet.  Homes that are solar ready or already include solar panels, and homes that are wired for electric vehicle charging, smart thermostats, LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances and HVAC, climate-appropriate landscaping, and energy-efficient windows, are more attractive to a broader set of potential buyers looking to minimize their impact on the environment.

And it doesn’t stop with the physical design and features of the home, but also interior design elements. Eco-friendly furniture and design have taken the home decor scene by storm, providing luxury home residents with sustainable interior design that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetic appeal. Sustainable interior design is all about utilizing natural materials combined with natural lighting to create a beautifully designed, eco-friendly home. While thrifting usually comes to mind when sustainable furniture is in question, there are other ways to find one-of-a-kind pieces that don’t require antiquing and rummaging through flea markets to find the perfect sofa. Plenty of online sustainable furniture shops use recycled materials to create stunning furnishings that will brighten up any space, making reclaimed wood and natural materials into new and improved products.

Stylish Home Offices

Given that many are taking their typical office jobs home, home offices have become an invaluable commodity. This is especially so for buyers looking to escape San Francisco for a pastoral, natural Marin enclave.  For that reason, a tailor-made space that reflects vivacious personality and sense of style is increasingly becoming more common and important in today’s Marin County real estate market. Finding the perfect combination of productivity and style is key, and there are many ways to curate a space that evokes success.

If you want your office to exhibit your spirited personality, opt for pops of color via captivating artwork and unique furniture. Alternatively, you can use a white palette and a few colorful accent pieces for a more minimalist approach. Browse this article on luxury home office design for ideas — at least one is sure to stick. Whether your design choices are simple or intricate, classic or modern, colorful or neutral, the beauty of a home office is that it’s private and unequivocally yours.

Outdoor Living Spaces

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One clear way to make the most of your Marin County home is updating your outdoor living space. This highly coveted space is one of the reasons City dwellers typically flee to Marin, as lots tend to be larger and receive more sunlight year-round. Outdoor space provides an unrivaled sanctuary brimming with comfortable furnishings that meld flawlessly with their natural surroundings.

But an upgraded outdoor space brings much more than a cozy daybed and ottoman where you can kick your feet up with a glass of wine after a long workday. Luxurious outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular as families spend more time at home and desire to take advantage of their home’s backyard. Gourmet outdoor kitchen essentials include sinks, fridges, grills, countertops, electrical outlets, weatherproof features, and more. Take your outdoor space to the next level with a sophisticated dining set, an outdoor TV for entertainment, and some whimsical string lights to illuminate your memorable soirees and family gatherings. Some cast aluminum fire pit sets double as a dining table and conversation piece, while beautiful fire tables are great for pre-dinner cocktails and tapas.

And it’s not only backyard spaces that matter.  Taking full advantage of large private driveways and front yard gardens are incredibly important to maximize curb appeal and enjoyability of your home.

Fire Safety

An unfortunate part of living in California is the impact of devastating wildfires.  Buyers have become increasingly aware of the risks associated with living in a fire hazard zone and are becoming more educated on fire-resistant construction, especially in woodsy, hillside areas in Marin County. Not only is defensible space around your home important, but quality air filtration through a home is important as well to minimize exposure to harms from smoke inhalation. There are also numerous fire-conscious constructions methods for roofs, siding, ventilation, and landscaping.

If you want more information about Marin County homes for sale, or need assistance navigating the market and finding the perfect luxury residence, contact San Francisco and Marin County real estate expert Austin Klar.

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